Family Bracket Challenge

Today is Selection Sunday and we are so excited to start making memories with our Family Bracket Challenge.

This year our kids will be six, four, three and one. They will all participate.

It is so easy now with Yahoo Sports all the little ones have to do is touch a team on the iPad. Last year when our three year old was two, he touched random teams without knowing a thing about College Basketball and beat us all.

The winner gets to pick where we go out to eat as a family at the end of the tournament. We actually want our youngest son to win anyway because he just wants to eat at McDonald’s. Our firstborn is hoping to win this year so we can all go out for crab legs.

I keep it simple and just make a bracket on our bay window with dry erase markers. It is a fun and easy way to keep track as we go.



We are hoping for a University of Kentucky win this year. Go Cats! 



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