Rachel Craddock has her undergraduate degree in education from Eastern Kentucky University and was an elementary school teacher in her days before motherhood. At twenty-one she heard the gospel for the first time and at twenty-two she was married to Michael and alongside him at Covenant Theological Seminary while he pursued his dream of one day serving in the local church.

Currently Rachel is a stay at home mom to the four children they had in four years- Ezra, Asher, Caleb and Lydia Jane. During naptime, Rachel opens her Bible and sits down at the computer to write down all the thoughts she has bouncing around in her head so she can shut down what is not true and cling to the truth of the gospel, to be transformed in the renewing of her mind.

Rachel loves discipling women and speaking at women’s retreats out of a deep desire to share the transforming power of the gospel in the every day as well as the humbling moments of being a pastor’s wife while raising, sweating, and wrestling four young children in the front row.

Rachel is the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at North Cincinnati Community Church where her husband serves as the Lead Pastor. She finds working alongside her husband both deeply satisfying and extremely sanctifying.

Rachel is in constant search of time to eat while sitting down, a Starbucks dark roast, red wine, travel, and a long trail run. You can connect with Rachel on Facebook, Twitter or here on her on her blog,


4 thoughts on “Author

  1. qoheleth1958 says:

    I have to disagree with you about not finding deep theological wisdom here. 🙂 Just because you share your experience of grace in simple language and everyday feelings instead of fancy theological terms does not make it less profound – just more accessible!
    I have found that not only does God use everyone who belongs to Him, he takes a particular delight in using the so-called weak and unimportant. If only we are paying attention to them. God bless, and keep writing.


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