I am humbled to share that Unraveled  the Book and Unraveled the Story Workbook and Discussion Guide are coming soon. I have been under contract and in editing and revisions since April 2018. Officially, I am an author.

Unraveled has been a thirty-five year journey of learning how to see beauty and redemption in what has felt like darkness and chaos.

I am grateful to Karen Hodge, Camie Summers, Marlys Roos, and Stephen Estock for believing in this project and seeing what it could become.

Thank you to all of the men and women who have pre-read the book, given me hard feedback, and shown me where I needed to appropriately place a comma. This book, just like my life, has been a community project.

Finally but most importantly, thank you to my husband who encouraged me to write when I was not the best writer, and all of you out there who have encouraged me to keep writing and kept reading my not so well written posts.

I am looking forward to share the whole story with you in (or before) February 2019.


4 thoughts on “Author

  1. qoheleth1958 says:

    I have to disagree with you about not finding deep theological wisdom here. 🙂 Just because you share your experience of grace in simple language and everyday feelings instead of fancy theological terms does not make it less profound – just more accessible!
    I have found that not only does God use everyone who belongs to Him, he takes a particular delight in using the so-called weak and unimportant. If only we are paying attention to them. God bless, and keep writing.


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