The Lord Who Heals

Today, I am over on the enCourage Blog sharing about God’s names and The Lord Who Heals. You can read an excerpt below and click on the link at the bottom to read the entire article on the enCourage website.

Knowing God’s Great Name

A few weeks ago, both my family of six and my fifth-grade homeroom were hit  with the stomach bug. As I washed sheets, held buckets, and disinfected desktops, I couldn’t help but beg the Lord for healing from this common, modern-day plague. In my prayers, I called on Yahweh Rapha, the Hebrew name for God which means, The Lord Who Heals You

In The Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer writes, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” I find the statement to be heart-wrenchingly true. When our knowledge of who God is limited, our faith is limited, and our prayers become limited. Discovering the multi-faced character of God through the study of His names has invited me to know Him more deeply, come to Him more boldly, and wait for His answers to my prayers more expectantly. As I prayed for my family and my students during our mini-plague, I could pray with confidence and surety because I know God is The Lord Who Heals. . .

Read the rest over on the enCourage Blog by clicking this link.

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