Kroger Online Ordering

There are so many reasons why I am thankful to be a mother in 2015. TiVo is probably the first, not churning my own butter second and the crock pot and the wrinkle free setting on the dryer are tied up for third.

Kroger is now stepping up their online ordering and I have to say, the ability to order my groceries online and pick them up at the store the next day may be better than TiVo.

Yesterday I logged onto Kroger’s Online Ordering website using only my email, a password and my ¬†Kroger Plus Card Number. The website already had all my purchases from the last four months stored from the times I’ve used my Plus Card and all I had to do was go through and check off what I needed.

I then selected a store near me to pick up my groceries. You pick a store and a time. Then you get an email saying Kroger received your order and you get another email when your groceries are ready for pick up.

I was so excited to load up my four kids and PICK UP MY GROCERIES. I was even more excited because it was pouring rain and I didn’t have to run four kids into a grocery store.

We pulled in near the pharmacy window to a clearly marked door. kroger online ordering

I pulled into a clearly marked space.

kroger online ordering

I pushed a clearly marked button and told the online ordering angels my name. kroger online ordering

My kids were so happy and they could not believe what was happening. kroger online ordering

An online ordering angel pulled my groceries out to my car and I paid him from my front seat. You can also give him your coupons if you have them.

kroger online ordering

The angel then loaded my car.

kroger online ordering

And we were on our way home in less than ten minutes. kroger online ordering

The kids gave Kroger Online Ordering TWO THUMBS UP! kroger online ordering

And I was leaping for joy.

You have to try this.

The first three visits are free and then the fee for online ordering is $4.95.

Find participating stores below.

Liberty Twp 7300 Yankee Rd Liberty Township, OH 45044

Lebanon 1425 Columbus Ave Lebanon, OH 45036

Springfield Twp. 8421 Winton Rd Cincinnati, OH 45231  

My Husband’s Birthday

I have read stories of husbands and wives going on weekend trips to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

My heart longs with envy when I read of these things. We live a much more simple life here in this house and weekend getaways just are not a reality for us right now.

We have lots of kids, all under five and we are expecting number four in about two months so finding someone willing to even stay with our kids is challenging – not to mention a pregnant lady in her third trimester would not be the best weekend getaway buddy.

So the weekend getaway was not going to happen for us this year on my husband’s birthday.

Husbands Birthday

i thought of things that he might like but decided we don’t really need another gadget or tool around here.

So I went back to the basics and I came up with the perfect idea for my husband’s birthday.

Fourteen planned, paid for and babysitter arranged date nights.


It’s basic, simple, perfect and aligns with our family goals for the year. My husband have been working hard to get away from the kids and enjoy one another weekly for the sake of our marriage.

With all these babies around us it has been difficult to connect as husband and wife without the titles of mommy and daddy. I knew he would appreciate planned date nights for the next four months.

When I told the kids about my husband’s present they wanted to join in on the fun too. So I planned a free activity for each of them to have one on one time with their dad and they each will get to have a meal with my husband at their favorite fast food establishment.


i started planning about three weeks ago. I looked at our calendars and made a list of dates.

I then emailed a long list of kind hearted friends and family members to sign up for free babysitting. This is truly a collaborative effort and with the exception of two dates being covered by my husband’s sister the other twelve were quickly filled by friends from church.


Finally I went out to get the gift cards. Each envelope has a gift card or cash enclosed based on what we are doing. I tried to buy all the gift cards at Kroger and I purchased the local small business gift cards with cash so my husband couldn’t track my spending.

And there you have it. Date nights set for the next four months even with a new baby coming in the middle of all of it.

This only cost a little under 300 dollars. Like I said we live a pretTy simple life.

Happy Birthday to my husband and cheers to my married life with him.

Find more to the story here… I love to write about “Redeeming Date Night.”