Thursday Night Refresh (10.29.15)

This Thursday, October 29, I am so excited to host our second Thursday Night Refresh at North Cincinnati Community Church.

At our kick off meeting we had close to forty women come together to simply recharge, reconnect, replenish and receive refreshment from the beautiful community God has provided us with through the uniquely knit together and wonderfully made women at our church.


When you come to refresh you will find time to connect with other women at all different stages of life.




You will find beautiful music led by our talented doctoral music student, Marissa.


You will hear a story from a real woman, living life just the same as you and you will hear how Christ can give comfort, strength, hope and peace in times of busyness, uncertainty and the hards of life.


You will find a time to share the hard things going on in your life if you so wish to do so and one of our ten prayer leaders will pray for you.



Here are a few personal (and anonymous) comments I received after our first meeting:

“Thanks so much for allowing me to be a small part of that wonderful evening. It was fun, a great way to begin making friends. It was a agreed among all of the women in our group, that it has been difficult to make friends and get to know people, but this is something of a starter to change that.”

“The first meeting was “refreshing” indeed. Great idea to do this for the women of the church ~ it was a lovely evening for all of us. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart with us. That took a lot of courage. You are a blessing!”

“That was an awesome night. I am so excited about Refresh.”

“These types of things are so important and we do not do them nearly enough.”

I hope you can join us this Thursday for an amazing night. Bring a friend too. Women need women to build one another up. 


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